Michael Kettler, physical therapist assistant, leading the group in their exercises

Therapy for Parkinson’s at Life Care Center of Longmont follows the LSVT BIG™ and LOUD™ programs.


These are highly researched, evidence-based treatments and exercises that help preserve patients’ vocal and mobile abilities, which are both affected by Parkinson’s.


After learning LSVT BIG and LOUD in therapy, patients are encouraged to attend a free outpatient exercise group to keep up with their exercises.


These exercises, led by a group of the facility’s physical and speech therapists, are instrumental in prolonging health and independence in Parkinson’s patients.


“We offer this free class as a service to our Parkinson’s community to ensure that they continue to do their exercises and to help them form connections with other people living with the disease,” said Claire Townsend, director of rehab services. “The exercises are important as they have been shown to improve movement in people suffering from Parkinson’s, allowing them to remain as independent as possible.”


In a letter to Stephen DeBelle, executive director, the group expressed their appreciation and enjoyment of the class.


“We want to take this opportunity to thank you personally, and your Life Care colleagues, for providing this important benefit to us at no cost,” the letter reads. “We recognize and appreciate Life Care’s contribution of therapists’ time to our well-being in the exercise program and in our support group’s monthly meetings. These cheerful, caring and proficient therapists are a credit to Life Care and make exercise pleasant.”


Specific exercises are the best way to slow the progression of Parkinson’s, and Life Care Center of Longmont is glad to help its Parkinson’s community remain as active, independent and healthy as possible.

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